Scholarship Recipients – 2016


danielle_havel Danielle Havel

Winning this scholarship hits home to me. I hope that sharing my story and the struggles I faced will have a positive effect on others. Through Elyssa’s Mission, I want to spread awareness about depression and let others know there’s always hope. No one is ever alone. This scholarship will help me to pursue my dreams of attending college to study pre-veterinary science. I want everyone to know there’s always a ladder of support to climb out off the dark hole and rediscover the joy of life.

natalie-hardy Natalie Hardy

Winning Elyssa’s scholarship is a true honor. The funds will help me significantly as I enter college to pursue a career as a Physician’s Assistant. My passion is to help others, and Elyssa’s Mission showed me another way I can do so. Since receiving the news of this award, I’ve been much more aware about the signs of someone in trouble. The person sitting next to you can be struggling, and you may never even know it. The scholarship, noticing when someone is in need, and a newborn ability to speak up and educate have really shaped who I am today. I pledge to further Elyssa’s mission and spread awareness by not only saving lives but cherishing them.

zachary-daniels Zachary Daniels

Winning this scholarship is a reminder to me that acting does make a difference. My best friend is physical evidence of that.

evalina-bournias Evalina Bournias

I am so thankful that I have been bestowed such an honor by Elyssa’s Mission. I appreciate the Mission’s time and consideration. I was anxious to receive word on whether or not I had received the scholarship. Now that I know I have been selected, I feel satisfied knowing that my story on how to “ACT” when you or someone you know–in my case it was a classmate–is depressed or suicidal, was recognized. This is such a wonderful program that really helps teens learn to recognize the signs of depression/suicide, as well as help people know what actions they should take if in that situation. Thank you again for the generous contribution; I am truly honored to receive this recognition.

danielle-eickenberg Danielle Eickenberg

This scholarship helps me with my college tuition. More importantly, the scholarship reiterates the fact that I really did help somebody.