Scholarship Recipients – 2017


colin-wesselkamper Colin Wesselkamper
Maine South, 12th Grade

I am so grateful for the money I received from Elyssa’s Mission. It warms my heart to know that there are institutions out there wanting to make a difference in the lives of many teens. I am humbled and grateful for this wonderful scholarship to help me further pursue my education next year in Washington D.C.

delaney-katz Delaney Katz
Lake Zurich, 11th Grade

I am extremely honored to be a recipient of the Elyssa’s Mission Scholarship. This scholarship will continually remind me of the powerful impact I can leave on a person both now and for the rest of my life. Mental health and suicide prevention are two of my greatest passions and this scholarship will continue to remind to be an active member in these two causes. Elyssa’s Mission is a wonderful organization that brings light to an issue not nearly talked about enough, and I am so grateful to be recognized by them. Thank you very much for this scholarship.

gillian-niezyniecki Gillian Niezyniecki
Maine South, 11th Grade

This scholarship is validation that what I am doing for my friends and for my school is effective and necessary. Sharing my story of how to ACT was difficult because of the struggle I faced to tell someone about my friends condition. Through sharing my story, I hope that many others will not be afraid to go to an adult and help someone’s suffering.

brianna-brodeur Brianna Broduer
Lake Zurich, 12th Grade

I am honored to be selected for the Elyssa’s Mission Scholarship. I am grateful to Elyssa’s Mission for shining a light on suicide and suicide prevention through the Acknowledge Care and Tell technique. Thank you for listening to my story and I hope to continue helping others throughout college with the aid of the Elyssa’s Mission Scholarship.

cristal-johnson Cristal Johnson
Bolingbrook, 12th Grade

I am honored to have received the Elyssa’s Mission Scholarship. This gave me a platform to tell my story of how I utilized the ACT technique in order to help my friend. This scholarship will help me financially in college while I study to become a Chemist.

sarah-baker Sarah Baker,
Maine South, 12th Grade

I am honored to be awarded a scholarship from Elyssa’s Mission as participating in this program is a reminder that we are able to help others by taking action. This scholarship will also help to fund college costs so I am able to pursue a career in Physical Therapy, a field that will enable me to continue in my efforts to help other people. I am very appreciative of the recognition and scholarship.