2020 Elyssa’s Mission Scholarship Application

2020 Scholarship Application

Submission Eligibility and Guidelines

High School Junior and Seniors who have successfully applied the ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell) technique from the Signs of Suicide (SOS) Program – can choose between two forms of submission:

  1. A narrative (650 words or less) – describe how you helped yourself or a friend by using the ACT technique; or
  2. A work of art (song, poem, painting, video, etc.) that depicts how you helped yourself or a friend using the ACT technique in conjunction with a brief narrative detailing how the technique was incorporated (250 words or less).


“The SOS program was an event I will never forget. Most of the time, teens struggle with either not really knowing how they feel, or, even if they do, not knowing how to address their feelings. The SOS program empowered me to act upon my feelings and educate me and my peers on how to get the right help when needed. This was very important as it allowed me to understand what I was going through and guided me to the right resources. I am forever grateful for this program and its mission.”
Garett O’Brien of Naperville North High School, Elyssa’s Mission 2019 Scholarship Award Recipient

2019 Scholarship Award Recipients

We would like to recognize and congratulate our 2019 Elyssa’s Mission Scholarship Award Recipients who have thoughtfully described how they’ve applied the ACT technique to help themselves and/or a friend/peer/community member.