Scholarship Recipients – 2018


nicole-marguerite Nicole Marguerite
Lake Zurich High School, 12th GradeI am honored to have been selected for this scholarship. High school was an incredibly difficult journey for me, and it only became harder as the years went on. I am now looking to college with excitement for where it will take me. Winning this scholarship gives me hope that I have impacted others with my story, and hopefully helped someone else who struggles with mental illness. Being selected for this scholarship reinforces my belief of continuing to share my story if I know I can help at least one other person. Thank you very much for this opportunity, I am extremely honored.

melissa-correa Emma Biggins
Maine South High School, 12th GradeBeing awarded the Elyssa’s Mission Scholarship means the world to me. I am beyond honored to have been chosen for this. Learning the ACT steps and helping lead the Suicide Awareness Program at my school was extremely helpful to me and I am so glad that this is being continued as a lesson to all fellow students. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to help my friends with what I’ve learned. The funds provided by Elyssa’s Mission will go so far in helping me pursue a higher education.

emma-biggins Melissa Correa
Maine South High School, 12th GradeI am honored to receive this scholarship. This organization gives me so much hope for the future, and lets me know that there are people who not only care, but are working actively to help lessen mental health issues and suicide. I think that this organization is so important because there are so many people who could use help, and it has literally saved hundreds of lives. I have seen mental illness first hand, and understand how hard it could be to seek help, using the ACT method, people could learn how to help their friends, and themselves.

aiden-segal Aiden Segal
Lake Zurich High School, 12th GradeThe Elyssa’s Mission Scholarship is the first Scholarship that I have been awarded. I received the email and found myself in shock. It gave me a mixture of feelings such as curiosity regarding what to do next and an emotional response thinking back to the essay I had written, however I mostly found myself excited. I had a very difficult time writing the essay that was submitted for the scholarship. It brought about sad feelings and flashbacks to frightening thoughts that I had experienced during the time that my essay was about. Despite the difficulty writing the essay it felt good to be able to express my thoughts and tell the story that saved my best friends life. I am so glad that in sharing this story, I was able to earn recognition. This scholarship gives me a huge opportunity for affording college costs and allowing me to further my education. I would like to say thank you to my teacher Ms. Philipp, who spent time helping me not only with my essay but also through the mental and emotional stress I have experienced in High School. Additionally I would like to thank, Ms. Tanner (school social worker), Ms. Wood (school counselor), and the board of the Elyssa’s Mission Organization for helping me achieve a very exciting opportunity and accomplishment.

cassandra-kearney Cassandra Kearney
Batavia High School, 12th GradeWinning the Elyssa’s Mission scholarship means so much to me. I have been through a lot and have had a lot of people come to me with their problems. So to be able to get this wonderful award makes me feel like I am actually making a difference in the world.

katsiaryna-tsvirko Katsiaryna Tsvirko
Buffalo Grove High School, 12th GradeI feel honored to be chosen as a recipient of the Elyssa’s Mission Scholarship. It has given me motivation to spread awareness of the ACT method throughout my college years. The recognition that Elyssa’s Mission gave my story inspires me to share it, and to keep up their mission of suicide prevention. Thank you very much for this wonderful scholarship that will help me pursue International Relations at Boston University next year.