2020 Scholarship Recipients

Madelyn Livingstone
Graduating from Taft High School and will be attending University of Dayton.
“This scholarship means I can focus less on paying back my student loans and being in debt and focus more on my education. It takes off the stress I would be carrying. I’m so grateful to receive this award because in doing so I got the chance to help people and teach others about Elyssa’s Mission through my Gold Award.”






Kaden Dolbee
Graduating from Plainfield Central High School and will be attending North Central College.
“I am very proud to receive this scholarship! At my school, as the Social Campaign Officer for National Honor Society, I was able to start our first ever Plainfield Suicide Awareness Walk! Our mission has been to break the stigma surrounding suicide and mental illness. The walk has been able to open up many doors for students to reach out and get help. It feels comforting knowing that there are others out there who have the same mission.”






Simran Sanghera
Graduating from Bolingbrook High School and will be attending College of DuPage.
“I am very grateful to have been a recipient of this year’s Elyssa’s Mission Scholarship. It means the world to me to be able to be a part of such a life-changing program. Advocating for mental health awareness is very important. Through this scholarship experience, I was able to express such importance and elaborate on how my work as a student liaison will have a similar impact. I also would like to thank Elyssa’s Mission for supporting my future endeavors. With the help of this scholarship, I will be able to continue my education.”





Pamela Lavery
Graduating from Grayslake Central High School and will be attending Purdue University.
“I feel extremely honored to have received the Elyssa’s Mission Scholarship. This foundation has undoubtedly saved so many young loves, and I will forever be grateful for the work that they do. I have used the ACT technique multiple times throughout my years in high school and will continue to apply it in the future. Providing an easy to follow process such as ACT allowed for me, and many others to understand what to do in a complex situation. Thank you for awarding me this scholarship, as receiving it will help me further my education and continue pursuing my goals.”





Megan Melnikoff
Graduating from Naperville North High School and will be attending Boston University.
“I am incredibly honored to be a recipient of Elyssa’s Mission Scholarship. The outreach to local schools, including teaching the ACT technique, is lifesaving, and my story is just one example of that. It means so much to be a part of Elyssa’s Mission force, and I hope that the awareness they bring to suicide prevention can have an impact on many more, in addition to me and my friend. This scholarship inspires me to continue to work to do my best and help other people, and I aspire to become a powerful advocate for mental health and suicide awareness in college and beyond.”






Ashley Erickson
Graduating from Prospect High School and will be attending Lipscomb University.
“I am thankful and honored to have received this scholarship to help pursue my academic career. Elyssa’s Mission is an inspirational and meaningful scholarship which I am very happy to be apart of.”






Amy Oh
Graduating from Glenbrook South High School and will be attending Northeastern University.
“As college is extremely expensive my family cannot pay the full amount of tuition without the help of loans and outside scholarship such as this one. Therefore, this scholarship award will help me continue my education, so that I can pursue my dreams and future career. Thanks to this scholarship, the financial burden of college will decrease on my family and I will have the opportunity to attend the college of my dream. This scholarship award is one of the reasons I will be able to continue my life the way I want to, and I hope that the future education I pursue will allow me to become a leader in business! Thank you to this scholarship for allowing me to attend college!”