EveryBody Matters Program

*Reserved for schools who implement the SOS Signs of Suicide program and maintain active partnership 



The EveryBody Matters Program (EBM) offers teens the opportunity to learn about themselves as well as from each other. Using a strengths-based approach, the program facilitator encourages self-reflection and assists teens to develop the skills needed to navigate life changes and stressors. EBM enables teens to come together in a safe, welcoming environment to discuss salient issues and problem-solve together. Through journaling, daily quotes, group discussion, art, and other experientials, teens are given a platform to work through relevant topics. At the same time, they are encouraged to have fun, build a sense of connection and become their best selves.


  • Identity development
  • Personal choice
  • Bullying
  • Healthy relationships
  • Mindfulness
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Body image
  • Self compassion/self-esteem
  • Navigating life changes
  • Problem solving
  • Power, privilege and responsibility
  • Depression/self-injury/suicide
  • Grief and loss

How does it work?

EveryBody Matters can be implemented in a school setting, religious institution or youth center. The program is fully funded and facilitated by an Elyssa’s Mission licensed staff member.

  • 6-8 week program (full day, half day, after school, or 60-90 minute sessions)
  • 8-12 youth participants
    • Potential group members can be self-identified, as well as nominated and encouraged to participate by school coaches, teachers, youth workers or social workers.
  • Student interviews
  • Parent/guardian consent
  • School or adult liaison (to be present and/or co-facilitating for all sessions)