National Suicide Prevention Month 2021

National Suicide Prevention Month (and Beyond) Suggested Activities

For Schools:

  • Remind students of the need to ACT to help keep themselves or a friend safe. Create an “ACT Bulletin Board” where students can use post-it notes to identify their trusted adults both at school, and in the community
  • Create a “Wall of Hope” with posters and/or messages conveying hopeful themes
  • Let students know about important hotlines/resources. Forward on the digital “Elyssa’s Mission ACT Resources Card” to all students:

For Students:

  • Coordinate a mental health awareness day – Work with your counseling center, health education teacher or another interested school professional to offer a resource fair during lunch time.

  • Organize a school poster campaign – Do you know the warning signs of suicide? Use your creativity to get your classmates involved with writing messages of encouragement to those who might be struggling with their mental wellness.

  • Organize a social media campaign – Everyone uses social media and you can use that to your advantage. Create an eye-catching and engaging campaign that involves your fellow students in conversations about mental health and suicide prevention.

  • Hold a fundraiser to donate to Elyssa’s Mission – What event will work at your school to raise both awareness of suicide prevention and raise funds to donate to Elyssa’s Mission?

  • Organize a school radio/newspaper advertisement – Write a brief advertisement for your school radio/newspaper that discusses the prevalence of mental illness in teens and encourage those who are struggling to reach out to a trusted adult

  • Design a t-shirt campaign – Are you creative and love design? Put your creativity to good use by designing a t-shirt that supports mental wellness and suicide prevention and advertise the t-shirt to your fellow students.