Suicide Prevention in the Workplace

Elyssa’s Mission now offers suicide prevention education in corporate settings. This interactive lunch-and-learn educates employees on the warning signs of depression and suicide, as well as how to respond if they recognize signs in family members, colleagues or even themselves.

Why is talking about suicide prevention relevant?

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-34 years old. Ninety percent of all deaths by suicide are preventable. Most suicides are caused by undiagnosed mental illness. Nearly 800,000 people die by suicide in the world each year.

This program highlights the relationship between mental illness and suicide, teaching adults that suicide is often a fatal response to a treatable disorder—depression.

What prevents individuals from getting help?

Most people don’t understand that mental illness, comparable to physical illnesses such as asthma or diabetes, requires treatment from a medical health professional. Medication combined with talk therapy are the most common ways to treat depression.

What is your role in preventing a suicide?

Everyone plays a role in preventing suicides. It’s up to us to learn the warning signs and to know what to do. Recognizing these signs can be lifesaving.

Here is what Conagra Brands had to say:

The team from Elyssa’s Mission was wonderful. Melissa Molitor was the main presenter and she was engaging, knowledgeable and had an ease and true sincerity when talking about the subject matter. The presentation was both factual as well as very conversational and interactive.  We had a group of employees who attended who were fully engaged and had many questions.”

Elyssa’s Mission wants to start a conversation about suicide prevention in your workplace.