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Race To Save Young Lives 2023 Event

In May 2023, students from Union Ridge’s Hope Squad organized Hope Week. Hope Week is a school-wide initiative to encourage all students to get involved in suicide prevention and mental health awareness. Hope Squad members along with their advisors choose activities throughout the week to engage students, faculty, parents and their surrounding community to recognize warning signs, reduce the stigma around mental health and create a closer school community. Union Ridge’s activities included lunchtime yoga, handing out popsicles, writing messages of hope in chalk on school grounds, and more.


Elyssa’s Mission provides resources to help prevent teen suicide.

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Take a brief screening to determine if you, or someone you care about, should connect with mental health professional. It is completely anonymous and confidential.

Learn more about our Signs of Suicide Program.Hope Squad Program.Grief Group Program.

Elyssa’s Mission funds and implements the evidence-based SOS Signs of Suicide Program in over 300 middle and high schools in Illinois (20+ counties, 120+ suburbs) through our partnership with MindWise Innovations, a Massachusetts-based organization that pioneered the concept of large-scale mental health screening and education programs. We assist with all components of the SOS Program including planning, teaching and training for staff and parents.
SOS Signs of Suicide

Signs of Suicide teaches students how to identify signs of depression and suicide in themselves and their peers.

Hope Squad
A peer-to-peer program that aims to reduce youth suicide through education and peer intervention.
Grief Group

Elyssa’s Mission offers a ‘postvention’ grief group to schools that have suffered the loss of a student by suicide.

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