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Grief group

Elyssa’s Mission offers a postvention grief group to schools that have suffered the loss of a student by suicide. The purpose of this group is to lead the students through the grieving process in a healthy, supportive, non-judgmental environment. While some students may be more comfortable in an individual counseling session, others will feel more at ease in a group setting with peers who are dealing with the same emotions. Research shows that those closely affected by a suicide are at a heightened risk following the death of a friend or loved one. Elyssa’s Mission will provide a safe space for those students to express feelings, share stories, and participate in a grief group curriculum led by a Licensed Professional from Elyssa’s Mission. The group will consist of 8-12 students most impacted by the recent suicide and will last 8 weeks. A member of the school mental health staff is required to co-facilitate during the group sessions.

To learn more or to schedule a Grief Group at your school, contact Valerie at [email protected] or (847) 697-9181.